Some examples of my early airbrush work.  Most pieces were created with Liquitex acrylics on hot-pressed illustration board using Iwata HPA, HPB, HPC, & Olympus Micron airbrushes.  Some pieces were comissioned work.  Others were student work.
All artwork © Thomas Tatko.  All rights reserved.
Airbrush paintings
Various airbrush projects
Examples of some (very) early airbrush work from the analog days, before PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc. and before computers really took over. Most of these were personal projects but some are commercial pieces. All were rendered on hot-pressed illustration board at varying sizes (I generally used to work at A3 or smaller) using watered-down Liquitex acrylic paint. I use several different Iwata airbrushes, most of which I still have but haven't touched them in about 20 years.

I thought I would put these up here just for a bit of nostalgia. I do somewhat miss the hands-on art process that you just don't get preparing artwork on a computer. I don't however miss the paint fumes, or the inability to just hit 'Ctl-Z' anytime you made a mistake. Enjoy!
This was a commercial piece for a fine art calendar to promote a local printing company in California. The Caddy I later recreated as a vector-art piece in Adobe Illustrator. It is almost entirely rendered in airbrush using an Olympos Micron but there is some hand brush work detail as well.
This started as a personal piece but was later commissioned for a greeting card company. This was a fairly small piece, around A4 size, and is mostly airbrush with some small hand brush work. You can't really see it in this small image but there is a reflection in the bubbles of a road with a hitchhiker beside the road. Rendered on hot-press illustration board using an Iwata HP-A with Liquitex acrylics.
Another personal project that later became a greeting card. Nothing hidden in the reflections this time ;-)Liquitex acrylics on hot-pressed illustration board and an Iwata HP-B airbrush.
My very first airbrush project and probably the largest piece I'd ever done, around A2 size. I made so many mistakes on this piece but it is still my favourite. Again hot-pressed illustration board using thinned Liquitex acrylics in an Iwata HP-C airbrush.
Probably one of the last airbrush pieces I ever did (just before I got my first computer and my first copy of Adobe Illustrator). This was a commissioned piece for a fruit label. Iwata HP-B airbrush with Liquitex acrylicon illustration board.
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