Casino signage
Various signage and jackpot display designs
Some examples of various signage and jackpot display projects I have worked on for use in casinos and other gaming venues. All designs were created in Adobe Illustrator.
'Jumbo Bucks'
The display was to feature a life-sized fibreglass elephant atop banks of several gaming machines.Originally presented to IGT Australia, the design went unused.
'Golden Dollars'
This was a design for a jackpot display in Star City casino, Sydney. The project was done through Elite IDS in Arncliffe, Sydney. This was my initial design concept which I pictured as kind of an art-deco piece. For a variety of reasons beyond my control however, the final assembled product ended up being quite different from what I first envisioned. © Elite IDs.
'Hot Slots'
Another design that was done through Elite IDs. This was for a smaller gaming venue in Western Sydney. @ Elite IDs.
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