Social game: Food Fight Frenzy

Logo and Character Designs for upcoming Flash game 'Food Fight Frenzy!'. Look for it on Facebook soon!

Game design, character & UI designs for a Facebook social game.  All artwork created in Adobe Illustrator. Animations completed in Flash and Spriter.  © Cinecity Productions Pty Ltd.  All rights reserved.
Game intro animation
Game title / logo. Created in Adobe Illustrator
Character concept: EL GUACO
Character concept: FLYING NINJA SQUIRREL
Character concept: FRYING PAM
Character concept: MUFFIN-BOT 3000
Character concept: PASTAFARIAN
Character concept: THE S'MORES
Intro screen
Challenge / Loading screen
Main Menu
Main Game interface
Daily Spin pop-up concept
'Pie-a-Friend' menu interface mockup.
Tutorial pop-up mockup.
Scoreboard mockup.
Game interface concept sketch
Storyboards for intro animation.
Storyboards for intro animation.
Weapons concept sketches. © Cinecity Productions Pty Ltd.
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