Gaijin magazine
Cover art and promotional banner ads
This was a fun project for an unfortunately short-lived cult magazine in Australia devoted to various pop subcultures in Australasia. 'Gaijin' is a Japanese word meaning non-Japanese or alien. Basically a foreigner.
I was asked to produce artwork for the cover of the premiere issue and a series of teaser banner ads to promote the launch of the magazine. The brief was very obscure and a bit ambiguous which meant it was a lot of fun to produce. Below is the final cover art and some of the banner ads. Client was AJB publishing in Australia. © AJB publishing.
Cover art. The magazine was an unusual wide format. All artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Flash.
Banner ad 1
Banner ad 2
Banner ad 3we later used the robot from this animation for another animation promoting a Flash conference.
Sketch of the Geek kid controlling the robot in banner ad 3
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