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Flash animations for website and banners
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This job was through Wiliam Web Design & Development in North Sydney. The brief was to create a series of animations using the snake character from a client's existing logo to be used on the company home page and also in promotional banner ads.

The adder character was to start from the existing company logo in the top left corner and leap forward to wrap itself around the information banner area. It would then interact with the banner every time the information changed or the viewer clicked on it. Once the sequence was complete the snake needed to wrap itself back around the banner and return to it's starting position in the logo, creating a loop. I created several different animations as separate .swf files which the programmer could then call up and control in the source code as needed, depending on which headline information was required to be displayed.

The whole job from start to finish took about four working days. I have composited the different animations into a single video which can be viewed below.
Composite video of the different animations
Adder character sheet and initial sketches
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