Logo for a Linked Jackpot game series. © Novomatic - Austrian Gaming Industries.
Matte painting background for Thundergod Jackpot animation. © Novomatic - Austrian Gaming Industries.
This was a background matte painting I did for a jackpot animation sequence. The character was created by one of the 3D artists in the studio. This particular scene involved a slow, long pan from the side over to the centre where the character stood. The scene begins as a stormy night shot with lightning flashes that briefly illuminate the scene as the camera settles upon the character. At the end of the scene there is a bright lightning flash, the clouds part and the character and castle are revealed in the daytime scene. Hence there was a need to create two versions of the background; a dark nighttime scene and a daytime 'reveal' scene. I also had to create several separate cloud layers to give the illusion of movement to the fog in the valley below the character, and also for the sky when the clouds part in the final shot and the daytime matte is revealed.
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