Old El Paso TVC
Storyboards and character design.
This was a job through Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney. The brief I was given was for a series of colour storyboards & character designs to be used in a TVC spot for Old El Paso taco sauce. After presenting the initial black and white sketches (below) I then worked up the final colour renderings in Photoshop.
The initial concept called for traditional 2D cel animation but the final commercial was completed using claymation techniques.
Scene 1 - opening shot on a wrestling ring.
Scene 2 - cut to ring anounncer.
Scene 3 - establishing shot of hero 'Benito'.
Scene 4 - cut to shot of Benito's opponent: a stereotypical Aussie bloke ready to barbecue. I was also asked to do an alternate version with a somewhat 'Godfather' type opponent holding a pizza. The idea I guess was to show that meals made with Old El Paso taco sauce was a much better alternative to things like BBQ and easier to prepare than ordering a pizza. In the end only the BBQ bloke was used.
Scenes 5, 6, 7 - fight sequence. Only one frame was required.
Final scene - Benito is the clear winner. Close on hero shot of Old El Paso product.
Initial character sketches of Benito.
Alternate opponent character.
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